How to remove and replace the male water hose coupling

If you got a little nick on your water hose, it’s a simple fix to just cut the water hose slightly maybe an inch away from the coupling, and then re-insert that hose into the coupling. 

Here are the following steps:

  1. First, grip the coupling using pliers. 
  2. Then, get a wrench and remove the screw in the thread, the two halves of the coupling.
  3. Push through the part of the coupling and pull it free, away from the hose.
  4. Cut the piece of the damaged water hose.
  5. Re-insert the male coupling and simply screw it back.

Here is the full video on how to separate the male coupling with pliers and a wrench. This will allow you to cut the damaged water hose and re-attach the coupling.

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