What features does the Aqua Pro Vac Extractor include?

The Aqua Pro Vac is a commercial-grade cold water extractor, perfect for auto detailing or cleaning houses or furniture. The machine includes both an upholstery head for upholstered car seats and carpets as well as a wider floor head that enables you to use the machine in larger areas such as floors. The canister design allows easier mobility and is mounted on easy-motion casters and two lateral fixed wheels. With a 9-foot long hose, getting in and around the average vehicle is effortless. The powerful 1100watt vacuum motor is isolated with its own switch, and the water pump has its own dedicated switch, too. This allows the operator to stop the water flow when necessary or to stop the vacuum and just spray. Different from a shampooer, this extractor has two separate removable compartments or water reservoirs, one for a clean solution and one for dirty water. These compartments are removable, so they're easy to empty or fill with warm or cold water.  The machine is light enough to be hand-carried (although we don't recommend carrying it full of water!) and it's small enough to fit into a compact car or a small truck. Perfect for the mobile auto detailing community.

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